If you are living with illness, chronic disease, or pain, there are many steps you can take to start healing yourself.

In this day and age, we cannot count on the food industry, medical industry, or food industry to help us. We must be in charge of our own bodies. In this episode I go over a few strategies to start helping you heal yourself in this second season of The Peaceful Life Podcast on healing.

Steps to start healing yourself:

  • Mind your thoughts and self-talk
  • Let go of past negativity
  • Remove toxic people from your life
  • Don't participate in verbal negativity
  • Get physical
  • Understand the food you put into your body
  • Laugh and love

Recommended reading:

Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Usby Michael Moss

How do Thoughts and Emotions Affect Health? - University of Minnesota

The Impact of Psychological Stress on Wound Healing - U.S.National Library of Medicine

Mind-Body Connection: Understanding the Psycho-Emotional Roots of Disease - The Chopra Center


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