Podcasts play a big role in my life and are a part of my daily entertainment and education. In a little diversion from my topic of peace, I discuss all the shows that I listen to, how I (simply) started my show, and how you, too, can podcast - if you want to.

Podcasts mentioned in this show:

The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio - Dragnet, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Rocky Fortune

Stuff You Should Know - Various topics / How Stuff Works

Serial - One crime a season / This American Life

S-Town - A true story / Serial & This American Life

Jim Harold Podcasts - The Paranormal Podcast, The Other Side, Jim Harold's Campfire & more!

Marcia Clark Investigates - a new approach to infamous case files / A&E

Criminal - True Crime

Swindled - White Collar Crime

The Cleaning of John Doe - Crime scene cleanup stories, husband & wife team

Lexicon Valley - Linguistics & Language / Slate

Hidden Brain - Psychology and Brain Stuff / NPR

Finally, a Podcast - Television pilot + series finale

Not About Lumberjacks - Short stories by Christopher Gronlund

Dogs in our World - All about dogs!

Defender Radio - Wildlife protection / The Fur Bearers

Radio Clash - Music mashups & info

Rave X Podcast - Personal journal

Family Ghosts - Family secrets (not real ghosts) / Panoply

Inside Psycho - True crime to book to movie / Wondery

Cover Up: Chappaquiddick - Ted Kennedy and the scandal / People

Podcast Hosts:

The Peaceful Life Podcast is hosted at Podbean.

Other hosts include LibSyn, Pippa, BuzzSprout


The Peaceful Life Podcast is a series of stories, inspiration, and affirmations to return your life to peace and joy.

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