In this episode I discuss all the wonderful presentations I attended at the Yosemite Peace Symposium - practical ways we can take action to better our part of the world. I then lead listeners through a visualization/affirmation to heal the hatred, violence, and injustice that is prevalent in the United States at this time.

This is an important week for us here in the U.S. Please exercise your right to vote.

Mentioned in this episode:

Olive Foundation- Assisting individuals working in the sex industry, as well as victims of human trafficking, to overcome their limitations by encouraging them to learn their value and empowering them to live a life they are proud of.

123 Missing Children Found in Michigan during Sex Trafficking Operation

The Kern Family Farm - an organic family farm that has started a community garden at the local elementary school

The Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farming(Wwoof) - Working an organic farm in exchange for room, board, experience, and education.

The Peace Pole Project - Customizable language Peace Poles for schools, organizations, and homes

And Then They Came for Us - a documentary film about the Japanese concentration camps in the United States during WWII.

Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist by David Hartsough

The Yosemite Peace Symposium


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